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The online application form is made up of 2 sections.

Section 1. This is “Contact details”. Care needs to be taken here when you are giving phone numbers or email addresses. The email address you provide here will be the one to which we send your booking confirmation and your timetable for the week of classes.

Section 2.”Making your choices” The form itself gives you all the information you need to make your class choices. The “main menu” will appear for each new selection. When you choose a grouping from the” main menu” you will be given a more detailed description of the classes in that grouping.

If at any stage during the application process you unexpectedly arrive at the “Submit” button, just use the up/down arrow to take you back to your desired field. Note the up/down arrow may also be used for amending a particular entry or choice. You will first be required to “uncheck” the original entry to allow for a new entry to be made.


When you have completed the application form you will be asked to “submit” (you may be asked to review certain entries at this stage)

Once submitted you have the option of making another entry or exiting the browser.

You will receive an automated email informing you that your application was received. This email will have a link to payment options. Once payment is received you will receive another email (not automated) confirming your place at the DSSM 2016 and detailing your choices.

If you experience any problems with the online application, please email us at


Many thanks for your patience with this new venture for 2016 and please share the above links with friends who may be interested in attending DSSM 2016.

Once the form is completed and submitted, clients will receive a provisional confirmation email, which will include a summary of classes chosen and details of how to pay. This year we will be accepting payment by online bank transfer and our IBAN will be supplied on the confirmation form. We will also accept cheque or postal order payment with a cover note stating the name(s) of the pupils for whom payment is being made. The address to which cheques/postal orders must be sent will be supplied. Further details will be included in the provisional confirmation email.

The booking will be held provisionally until payment is received and then a final confirmation will then be sent out.

In exceptional circumstances, where it is not possible for someone to access the online system, a regular application form may be obtained on request.

Looking forward to seeing you in July 2017!!


We are very grateful to one of our parents, David Crann, who sent us some very nice video clips of the Sat morning concert.

The clips can be viewed by clicking the links below

1 - amazing grace - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG-EHindGb8

2 - roar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN2vg1pl30Y

3 - uptown funk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFMXnemTmic

4 - samba - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS1vUv4dYx4

About Us


 The DSSM Committee: Mary English, Paula Martin, Tena Patton, John Sweeney,
                                        Susie Carey, Mairead Brennan, Pat Brennan, Zoe Stephenson,

                                        Ger West, Kathleen Sammon,
                                        Mary Kinsella, Ruth Brennan, Christine Sharkey.


The Donegal Summer School of Music, an annual event now in it's 16th year, is an ideal way to explore the world of music. Classes can be enjoyed by students who already take music lessons and also by keen newcomers. It's a great opportunity to work on your current interests or try something you've always wondered about!!

Classes are open to students aged from 8 - 18 and a morning workshop is offered to younger children. Some classes require a skill level while others are open to all. Students may participate in classes that develop solo skills and may also gain experience in ensemble playing. (Preparation required for some classes)

Everyone is encouraged to take part in end-of-week concerts where family members can enjoy the fruits of your weeks work!

The DSSM is a non-profit organisation and provides top quality music tuition. Our fee of €150 (Full Sch) and €75 (Semibreves) has not been increased for the past five years. Early booking and family discounts are also available.


The Summer School Committee would like to thank sincerely all the very talented tutors, the helpers, Donegal Music Education Partnership, Our local sponsors/suppliers, Rite Price Financial Ltd, Limavady Pianos, Bakersville, Macs Mace, The Board and Principal of Loreto Convent Secondary School, our patron Lady Heather Robinson, and of course, the pupils of the school and their parents, for making the  Donegal Summer School of Music a continuing success.



Quotes from previous students:              "The best summer camp ever. I made great friends"

                                                    "Whatever instrument you play, there is something for you"

                                                                     "Semibreves was awesome!"

The Summer School takes place during the 2nd week of July each year. The programme for the week is carefully planned to allow pupils a good choice of instrumental and voice classes, as well as the chance to have tuition in Modern Dance and Arts and Crafts.The Summer School offers a wide variety of classes with experienced and enthusiastic tutors, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The half-day Semi-Breves class is for our youngest pupils but the new 'Introduction to Instruments' is a full day programme for pupils aged 8 - 10, that introduces them to the main school. 

Class times are 10.00am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday. There are two main concerts, one on the afternoon of Fri 15th and one on the morning of Sat 16th to close the school. Performances also take in classrooms on Friday and family members are always welcome.

The Summer School may be contacted at our E-mail address  info@donegalsummerschoolofmusic.org

or by phone at               086 6649954